5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Wedding Venue

Planning the Destination Wedding of Your Dreams
June 18, 2022
Do’s and Don’ts – How to choose the right wedding venue for your wedding?
June 18, 2022
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5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Wedding Venue

Every couple’s dream is to marry at their favorite destination. Tell me, what could be more romantic than saying your vows in a scenery surrounded by the beautiful scenery of nature? That is not all this kind of wedding offers.

Planning a destination wedding can be an exciting time for any couple. But, it’s important to sit down first and discuss the possible issues that may occur during the planning stages regardless of whether you plan for a destination wedding in Udaipur or somewhere else. One of the first things to take into consideration when deciding where to hold your wedding ceremony is weather conditions since there are some places that only allow specific months or seasons. So, in this Blog, I am going to share 5 things every couple must consider before planning a destination wedding.

 Take a pre-visit to the destination before the wedding

If you choose your wedding location, try to go ahead and take some vacation days off before the big day so that you can plan everything. Whether this means a simple phone call with someone who has been to a resort before or keeping yourself updated on pictures of resorts online, it’ll help get your adrenaline going and give you time to ensure everything is set up in advance when the big day is finally upon you.

Check the reviews

If you are looking for a destination wedding, don’t make your final decision based solely

on a venue’s name or reputation. Instead, look at online reviews and ask people you trust who’ve attended weddings in recent years. Spectrum Resort (wedding venue in Udaipur)offers the most beautiful wedding venue that puts all your dreams to reality. Read reviews from multiple sources before making any big decisions like these. In fact, use these same steps for hiring vendors too! Multiple perspectives mean an extra layer of protection that no single person can provide alone. And nothing’s worse than disappointing loved ones!

Book a resort in advance

The Spectrum Resort offers a beautiful destination wedding in Udaipur with several of its rooms set up as wedding venues while also providing various suites and villas if you want to bring guests with you or honeymoon at our resort after your wedding. The best place to start your planning is by reserving a venue. Our hotel has been voted one of Udaipur’s most romantic places by TripAdvisor. Still, we recommend booking far in advance if you are interested in securing one of our beautiful wedding venues for your special day.

Set your budget if you are planning a destination wedding

Once you know what kind of wedding you want, your next step is to figure out how much money you’re willing and able to spend. Know that destination weddings are often more expensive than traditional weddings. Factors like having an extensive guest list or adding special services can increase your costs significantly. The Spectrum Resort in Udaipur will give a discount on your destination wedding and makes everything according to your choice! Make sure you set your budget at whatever level you’re comfortable with before choosing a

location for your wedding.

Decide the season & weather if you are planning for the perfect destination

Many destination wedding locations don’t allow for an indoor ceremony and reception, meaning you’ll have to consider every possibility when choosing your venue. Because of

that, it’s essential to know what season will work best for your event. For example, if you’re having a destination wedding in Udaipur, India (like most couples do), then you’ll want to choose a time that works with the monsoon season. That way, when selecting a location on Lake Pichola, guests won’t get rained out during cocktail hour or have their hair ruined by humidity in air-conditioned interiors. If the weather is less than perfect on your big day—that’s not ok! So, check weather conditions in advance, that makesyour the wedding more delightful.

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