Worried about Wedding Guests? Let Spectrum Resort Help You!

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March 29, 2022
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Worried about Wedding Guests? Let Spectrum Resort Help You!

There are many things about weddings that can make us happy and full of emotions. But as dreamlike we want our wedding to be, there are always somethings that get on our nerves. One such thing is the guests!

Be it from the bride’s side or groom’s, their comfort should be uncompromising. All their special demands matter and even the slightest ignorance can be embarrassing. On top of that, there are always those relatives who like to imitate Ekta Kapoor soap operas in real life and be a little dramatic. If anything goes wrong for them, then all hell can break loose!

All in all, handling guests at weddings is a big task on its own. But when you are organizing your destination wedding at Spectrum, you can be carefree. Our outstanding services and rooms can make the fussiest of guests happy. Let’s take a look at our amazing rooms that provide unmatched comfort and facilities.

Maharaja Suite

Spectrum’s Maharaja Suite is a great way to give your guests a much-deserved royal treatment. It fits the theme of a royal wedding in Udaipur too. The suite is contoured with a personal private balcony with an enriching view of hills and lakes.

As some of the best 5-star rooms in Udaipur, its services and amenities include rooms with fully furnished modern bathrooms, mini-bar, working table, king-size bed, and other essential amenities.

Aravali Suite

While the Maharaja Suite is designed to give you the utmost experience of royalty, the Aravali Suite excels in terms of being a modern masterpiece. With a king-size double-bed, well-furnished bathroom and a cozy and modern design with a great view out of the window. The guests will have a great time here.

The Aravali Suite rooms have well-furnished wooden work along with modern amenities such as a mini-bar, working table, furnished bathroom, 24hr service, hairdryer and a safe.

Family Suite

We Indians still love the idea of big joint families, and why not? A healthy joint family is the liveliest, most wholesome thing you can find. That is why Spectrum’s Family Suite is designed in big rooms, with two sets of double beds, a great mix of traditional Rajasthani and luxurious modern amenities. All these to ensure that the families of your guests can have a great time together.

The rooms for the family stay are furnished with top-quality pottery while keeping all the style and lavishness in mind. The facilities create a sense of memorable stay and homeliness. It also has a great balcony area to provide freshness.

That’s not it, Spectrum Resort, Spa and Convention also provides Executive suites, Club rooms and privilege suites as options for rooms. This way you can finetune your guest rooms for a wide range of facilities and budget. Weddings in Udaipur are in trend right now and considering how great the weather, beauty, architecture and culture one can find in this city, the trend is here to stay. If you also want to celebrate your Destination Wedding in Udaipur, look no further than Spectrum Resort.

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