Why choose Udaipur as your destination wedding venue?   

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June 18, 2022
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June 18, 2022
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Why choose Udaipur as your destination wedding venue?   

You’ve decided to get married and want it to be memorable. And what better way to make your wedding stand out than by choosing a destination wedding venue in udaipur? If you wish to do something a little different or are tired of the same old backyard barbecue, choosing Udaipur as your destination wedding venue can be the perfect option for you and your guests.

One of India’s most popular wedding destinations

One of India’s most popular tourist destinations, Udaipur is home to dozens of palaces and forts—the city is rich in culture & traditions. Udaipur’s wedding venue offered an excellent backdrop for any wedding. There’s a spectrum resort in Udaipur, constructed in more than 30 acres of manicured lawns and lots of cozy nooks that are perfect for guests to unwind; it’s an ideal venue for your wedding. So, choose Spectrum Resort if you want a place with culture, history, and natural beauty in one beautiful location!

The Venice of East

Nestled within a valley and surrounded by hills, lakes, forests, and wildlife Udaipur is an unforgettabledestination wedding venue. Unique in every way, Udaipur has everything you need for your once-in-lifetime event: a blend of natural beauty and luxury hotels that can cater to all your needs (including pre-wedding functions like engagement parties or bridal showers). It’s also easy on your pocket—Udaipur offers incredible value for money.

Natural beauty at every turn

Waking up in a palace—it’s every bride’s dream. Spectrum resort of Udaipur takes care of all that for you, too, with an alternative full of natural beauty at every turn. While not every destination wedding must be on a beach, it certainly doesn’t hurt. The fresh air and ocean views will transport you while ensuring everyone stays relaxed at Udaipur. But there’s much more than just natural beauty if you are planning your destination wedding in Udaipur.

Famous Bollywood actors married at Udaipur   

  1.     There are some famous Bollywood actors and actresses who have got married in Udaipur city. Some of them are Neil Nitin Mukesh (2017),Isha Ambani (2018), Kangana Ranaut’s Brother Aksht Ranaut (2020), Niharika Konidela (2020)etc. And they all celebrated their weddings at a high-end wedding venue in Udaipur city.

Udaipur is Praised by many significant figures

The history of Udaipur is old and interesting. Many significant historical figures such as Mahatma Gandhi, Maharaja Sawai Man Singh, and Jawaharlal Nehru were enthralled by its beauty. Another reason that makes it unique is its non-smoking environment on its terrace restaurants, making it an ideal place for your wedding reception!

Affordable accommodations (but still five-star service!) at Udaipur resorts

Planning a destination wedding, you probably want to save money. Well, at affordable accommodations (but still five-star service!) The Spectrum resort, situated in Udaipur, features luxurious rooms with all the amenities you could need. Spectrum resorts offer reasonable accommodations for couples and guests. It is rated #1 by TripAdvisor and Luxury Travel Advisor’s Top 25 Wedding Hotels in India.

Your wedding is memorable at Udaipur

While choosing a destination wedding venue, there are plenty of factors to consider. However, finding a wedding venue in Udaipur is much simpler than you might think. Unlike other larger cities with a surplus of options, many smaller towns don’t offer any amenities beyond what you need for a ceremony and a meal afterward choosing Udaipur as your destination wedding venue guarantees that your wedding is both memorable and unique.


With many unique venues, professional decorators, and catering services available in Udaipur, it can be hard to find the best resorts in Udaipur that are just right for you! The Spectrum Resort gives you access to many wedding specialists, including these “wedding planners” who know the ins and out of setting up the perfect Udaipur destination wedding. They can help you search for local restaurants, negotiate group discounts, and schedule transportation to and from your wedding venue! Spectrum Resort has all sorts of packages according to your budget.

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